Customs / Customs formalities

Our carefully selected agents are daily in Customs of Piraeus, Athens Airport "Eleftherios Venizelos" and keep in touch with us to ensure the clearance in time (or completion of customs formalities) of goods for our clients.


Our company takes over the storage of goods and personal effects, and delivers to customers the time they wish. Outside of Greece we have the storage capacity in all countries which have correspondents.

Inland Transport / Distribution

For internal transfers (deliveries) in Crete, having at our disposal many different types of trucks that operate daily, we are able to take responsibility and acceptance of goods, even those that have the designation of emergency (in most cases manage to carry out internal transfers with the minimum notice period before we load it in an hour).


In cooperation with major insurance companies KMF Ltd is able to provide, at highly competitive prices, insurance of goods carried by risk transfer (usually "all-risk" or "clause-C") relieving the client from searching and examining the insurance company on behalf of the "small print" of contracts.


Experienced personel, specializing in packaging, to assume responsibility and the most appropriate way to pack for transport goods or personal effects. In many cases it is possible to pack the place and space of the client.