By renting a machine, KMF International undertakes your training on how to operate it. The cost is determined based on the type of tool and the rental period. We are by your side for technical support throughout the rental.

Lighting trailer

KMF International has a wide variety of lighting trailers with excellent performance for your every need. Lighting trailers consist of a web with luminaires and a generator that can be adjusted. With the ability to adjust the height and angle of the luminaires, sufficient lighting is achieved.

Suitable to cover any kind of need, such as lighting events, temporary installations, concert venues, and other applications.


KMF International offers a wide range of container storage options, used or new, for the safe storage of your goods, your business equipment or your home appliances.

The company has a container 6 or 12 meters deep, and 2.40 or 2.80 meters for clean and dry storage, as well as refrigerated containers with the ability to cool down to -20 ° C for the storage and freezing of your goods.


With a wide range of generators, we can cover your every need, from very small such as the electrification of a small installation to the supply of industrial installations.

We have the latest technology, silent generators, ideal for backup and support of the electricity network or for full coverage in remote areas where the public network does not cover.


KMF International offers a wide variety of compressor solutions. Every year we invest in new compressor machines, multiplying the possibilities of your choice, for faster, easier but mainly for a safer work. Choose between air compressors, wheels for high air output at operating pressure 6-12 bar and supply 50-750 cfm (cubic feet per minute), high pressure breathable air compressor at operating pressure 300 bar and high-pressure nitrogen compressor with operating pressure up to 300 bar.


Choose from a wide variety of different types of tanks depending on your storage needs. Made of plastic, iron or stainless steel, and capacity from 500L to 27,000L, suitable for almost any use.

With the possibility of buying or renting, transporting and installing in your space.