Having the experience needed to implement any kind of project, we have been by your side for 24 years, to fulfill your every wish with consistency and security.

Our Vision

Providing quality products and services of high standards at competitive prices, is and remains the main goal of the company. The comparative advantages of KMF International are:

• The speed of production and delivery always within the schedule

• The reduction of the environmental footprint

• Continuous customer service, even after the delivery of the project.


KMF International manufactures its products at its factory in the area of Oasis Agia with a total area of 8.5 acres. In the industrial area of 800 sq.m. they are built permanent residences and construction sites, outposts, toilets and kiosks covering a wide range of accommodation needs.

The company's offices as well as the exhibition space, where the presentation of the materials - methods that we use during the construction, is housed near the factory. Come and meet us, let us guide you to our places and discuss how we could offer the best possible solution for your business.


In 1998, KMF International became active in the field of international transport. In 2007, already having 3 years of experience in the trade of prefabricated buildings, it expands its activities in their construction. Then, in 2010 the company began to be active in the purchase, sale and rental of mechanical equipment.


The modern history of prefabricated buildings started in the middle of the last century.